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Iron filings can cause serious injury if it enters the eyes, the lungs or if swallowed. Our iron-filings are free from thorns and spikes and they are usually safe for touch or handling by bare hands. Keep iron filings out of reach of small children. Wash your hands with soap after handling iron filings. 

Material Safety Datasheet

Due to the relatively large particle size this grade of iron filing is not classified as hazardous for transportation. Iron filings are however hazardous if swallowed, inhaled or enter the eyes, nose or other bodily cavities. Very fine iron filings or iron dust can also be a fire hazard when the air is filled with a cloud of iron powder. A cloud of iron powder may be flammable or explosive in certain conditions. A material safety data sheet for iron filings is available Here.

View the MSDS for Iron Filings

Iron Filing bottle and magnetic fields

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