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In order to understand the benefits and the advantages of IRONFIL iron filings it is best to know how traditional iron filings are made.

Traditionally iron filings have been a byproduct of iron workers in process of cutting or grinding iron or steel parts. Cutting oils that are used to cool off the saw would contaminate iron filings with oil or burned oil. Then iron-filings or shavings were spread on the ground where the process is performed. Iron filings were then swept and collected along with other dusts and debris. Those are contaminated iron filings that are still being distributed by some suppliers.

IRONFIL iron filings are made from high purity iron, steel or iron ore using a process that avoids all contaminations. The final product is collected in a chamber. This product is then separated and classified based on the particle size.

Only fine iron filings of mesh 70 or mesh 100 are packaged for use in science education or industrial uses.

Iron filings shaker and magnet

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