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Our general purpose iron-filings contains iron particles smaller than 0.01 inch or 0.3 millimeter. This can include particles as small as 20 micron or less.

Iron-filings are available in different size packaging from 12 ounce shakers up to 2000-lb drums in order to serve different markets. Following are some of the iron-filing products.

12-Ounce shakers Retail Pack: 

12-ounce shakers are about 45mm in diameter and 93mm high. They hold about 12 ounces of fine iron filings. The red cap must be completely unscrewed and removed to expose the inner white cap with shaker holes. Shaker bottles are recommended for use by students, teachers and artists who may need to sprinkle iron particles. 12-ounce shaker bottles of iron filings may be sold by educational suppliers, scientific suppliers,  hobby stores, online stores and art and craft stores. Labels include a safety warning.

12-ounce shaker bottles of iron filings are available in packs of 12 and 144 with quantity/ wholesale discounts.

Iron Filings in a shaker

Not all users of Iron Filings can benefit from shaker bottles, that is why we are also offering iron filings in wide mouth plastic jars.

1 Lb (450 grams) Plastic Jars : 

Wide mouth plastic jars are the excellent choice of packaging for small quantity iron powders used in laboratory and industrial settings. Wide mouth containers allow the entry and use of spatula or small spoons.

Clear plastic jars are also available for custom packaging of iron filings in other sizes up to 5 lbs.

Packages may also be shipped with no label upon request. For no label or private label orders please call (973) 405-6249

Iron Filing Jars

Bulk packaging:

Bulk packaging of iron filings is available for quantities of 50 Lbs, 100 Lbs, 200 Lbs, 500 Lbs, 1000 Lbs, 2000 Lbs and 3000 Lbs.

Bulk quantities may be shipped in multi-layer paper bags, fiber drums, plastic pails, and steel drums.

Bulk containers for 2000-lb quantity is usually a steel drum.

To order bulk quantity iron filings please call (973) 405-6249.

Bulk Iron Filings

For special orders or more information please call 973-405-6249.

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