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Draw Magnetic Lines

Drawing or revealing the lines of magnetic force is one of the educational experiments or science projects for young students in grades 4 to 8. Of course it is never late and adults may also perform such experiments as a hobby, for learning or as an art. This is how it is done:

Start by placing a bar magnet or any other type of magnet on a flat surface such as a table. Secure the magnet in place by a few strips of clear adhesive tape or masking tape.

Place a cardboard or heavy paper over the magnet so that the magnet is almost at the center of the paper.

To keep the paper flat, place small articles or balls of paper under the paper so that it will stay horizontal.

Magnetic field shown by iron filings

Slowly and gradually sprinkle iron filings on the paper. You may need to tap on the table or the paper so that the iron particles can reposition themselves by magnetic forces.

When your magnetic lines are shown clearly, you can fix them in place by some hair spray or clear spray paint.  (Warning: Hair sprays and spray paints are flammable. Do your experiment away from fire and in a well ventilated area. Spray paint may get to other areas of your work table. Cover such areas with newspaper if needed.)

Wait enough time until the spray paint is fully dry. Then lift your newly made artwork and clean the area. You may need to do this a few times until you get it right.

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