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Iron Filings or Iron Shavings is a worldwide supplier of iron filings or Iron-Shavings in small 12-ounce packaging as well as bulk packaging from 1-Lb up to 2000-Lb steel drums.

Our iron filings are high purity iron particles made by grinding, pulverizing iron. They are fully magnetic. They can rust. And they do not contain a large amount of impurities such as carbon or other metal alloys.

Iron Filings and magnet

We can supply up to 5000 Lbs general purpose iron filings each day. We can also produce 500 lbs per day special size iron-filings for specific applications.

Iron filings or iron shavings are used in agriculture and horticulture as a source of iron for plants. They are used to create rust effects in sculptures and concrete. They are also used in electromagnetism.

All products are stored in - and will be shipped from our warehouse in Clifton, New Jersey.

Iron-Filing is a project of Industrial Research, Inc.

For special orders or more information please call 973-405-6249.

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