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Iron filings are Iron particles usually smaller than 0.01 inch (0.3 millimeters). They are generally produced by filing, shaving, grinding or cutting iron parts; however, they may also be made of molten iron and certain iron ores.

Uses of Iron-Filings:

The most common uses of iron-filings are  electromagnetism experiments, chemistry experiments, art works, Powder metallurgy, fire works (sparklers), concrete additive, and sand blasting.

Students use iron filings to draw or reveal the magnetic lines as well as the strength and the direction of the magnetic forces.

In electromagnetism science experiments iron powder is used to assess and compare the strength of electromagnets. The most iron filing is lifted - the stronger a magnet is.

Iron filings are also used to make magnetic puttys, magnetic toys, artistic drawings, magnetic paint, heavy concrete, magnetic plastic parts and more.

Iron Filings in a shaker

In this website you can discover some of the most exciting uses of iron-filings.

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